Drive results with a supercharged marketing strategy

Unlock growth and maximize revenue from enrolled families with an all-in-one platform that combines proven technology with a powerful, automated marketing strategy. 

Marketing features that grow childcare businesses

Automated Push Notifications

Vacancy Alerts

The ChildcareNow App sends regular, automated push notifications to enrolled families when a vacancy is available, allowing childcare providers to instantly resell bookings

Absent Reminder Alerts

The ChildcareNow App also sends instant, automated push notifications to enrolled families to remind them to notify absent in advance to reduce no shows, create new vacancies and better manage staff ratios.

Targeted SMS

SMS Marketing

Hyper-Targeted SMS Campaigns

Send highly targeted, customised messages to enrolled families with specific calls-to-action to get quick results and increase bookings

Casual to Permanent Booking Campaigns

Use targeted SMS and Email remarketing to increase permanent bookings with our unique Casual to Permanent Booking Campaigns. 

Facebook Remarketing

Engage your enrolled families with retargeted Facebook Ads, promoting regular learning programs and providing a seamless ad-to-booking experience

Absent Incentive Program

Reward your families with financial incentives and resell absent bookings with our unique automated incentive program. 

Refer-a-Friend Campaigns

Turn happy families into centre advocates with our automated Refer-a-Friend Campaigns to increase centre enquiries.

Build Your Own Custom Campaigns

Take part in fine-tuned, custom campaigns, built to focus on your childcare business needs to drive results when you need them most

Measure campaign success

Simply and easily track campaign performance, monitor results and download reports to gain powerful campaign performance insights with your personal ChildcareNow Campaign Dashboard

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